New Video on The Outdoor Cooking Channel

Project: Cook-Off
Starting at 8:00pm on 10/5 Watch Project: Cook-Off, from The World Food Championships

Holiday Cooking on TOCC
Starting at 6:00pm on 11/27 running though to 6:00pm on Thanksgiving Day enjoy Holiday Outdoor Cooking. Just like year we have an entire section devoted to Outdoor Cooking on our Roku Channel.

Backyard BBQ Show with Jason King
Be sure to check out our newest addition. Jason cooks a lot, and features many recipes your going to want to try!

Whiskey Bent - In the Pit
We now have another Live Show every Tuesday night, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm ET, and that's Whiskey Bent - In the Pit! Chad Ward heads up the talk as he brings in guests from the competition world. Be sure to tune-in at 7:00pm sharp!

Bill West and Jack Waiboer host the fun, entertaining and educational program "GrateTV";

Fred Bernardo is The Smokin Guitar Player
Several new video's from Fred including Pulled Turkey Sangwiches, Corned Beef, Toasted Cheese Mega-Burgers, Sicilian Pizza, Grilled Green Tomatoes, and more!

The Cooking Outdoors Show with Gary House
Gary has been working hard, and putting out a lot of video lately, it's time to get caught up!

The BBQ Central Show with Greg Rempe
Don't forget to watch Greg LIVE every Tuesday at 9:00pm ET, and replays Thursday at 9:00pm ET, and the following Tuesday at 7:00pm ET. Recorded version added every Wednesday morning.

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