By Cleo James There’s nothing quite like sitting at a table that’s covered with slow cooked ribs, pulled pork and other barbecued meat treats. To the average chef and average eater, they don’t care about what style they’re making or what style they’re eating – they simply enjoy being around family, good friends and good

Score a Touchdown with your Tailgate

Wednesday, 04 September 2013 by

by Cleo James When you mix football and tailgating you get a result that seems to be a marriage made in heaven – where else can you fire up the grill on a crisp afternoon and be surrounded by thousands of other sports fans? Although tailgating seems like an easy outdoor cooking experience, there are

The Outdoor Cooking Channel is on Roku

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As of 12 noon on Tuesday 1-8-2013, TOCC was now on Roku and listed in the Public Channel Store. In 4 short days we have accumulated over 10,000 Subscribers! Our Roku Channel currently features On-Demand video from all the great shows on TOCC, and we have been working frantically to continue putting content in. We

Do you need a few pointers on cooking that Christmas Turkey? Maybe your cooking a Rib Roast for the first time, or need a way to get that special ham? The Outdoor Cooking Channel has just what you need. Starting at 12noon and running until 12 Midnight on 12-24 Christmas Eve, then starting again at

by J. A. Young Many cooks would much prefer to brave the chilly air of December to keep the holiday cooking mess outdoors!  Cooking outdoors may seem like a novel idea to some, but you can actually prepare some very traditional holiday foods over the open flames of your fire pit or atop your charcoal

Shhh…I have a secret to tell you. I’ve never brined a turkey. Sure, I’ve brined other things (chicken breasts, pork roasts) but never a turkey. I know brining a turkey is supposed to result in a wonderfully moist bird but I’ve never even thought about attempting it. However, today I have become convinced that I

Countdown to Turkey Time

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Halloween is over and so now it’s time to stop thinking about candy and start thinking about, that’s right, TURKEY! We’re only three weeks away from Thanksgiving. Hooray! When it comes to turkey, I’m a traditionalist. By that I mean that I roast it in the oven, the way my mom did, the way my

There’s nothing quite like campfire cooking. We gather around together, talking and laughing while the smells of our shared meal mingles with the woodsmoke. Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten was cooked over a campfire. I don’t know if it was because the time leading up to the campfire is always full of

Campfire Safety For The Fall

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  The temperature has started to drop here in Florida (by drop I mean that the highs are merely 92ºF as opposed to 102ºF) signaling the beginning of campfire season. Before you grab your guitar and head for the pit, there are a few safety issues that you should remember. Campfire Safety If at a

It’s National Chocolate Milk Day. How crazy is that? I swear there’s a day to celebrate just about everything. But chocolate milk is at least something I can get excited about. Especially if you’re talking *hot* chocolate milk. What’s better than enjoying a crisp cool fall day with mug of hot cocoa? Actually, I know