New Players and New Shows

by / Tuesday, 21 June 2011 / Published in Blog

We now have new players in the Video On Demand section which give a similar sized viewing experience, as the LIVE player. The playlist is a mouse over and select option now. So, this should be a much improved experience than before.

I continue to receive comments regarding IOS (Apple) devices, not being able to view video. IOS (Apple mobile devices, including IPad) need Html5 video players and encoding for Html5, at this point this is cost prohibitive, at least for a free service. Like others, we are considering a Premium Service Level which includes support for Mobile Devices.

Hopefully Wired BBQ should be airing before the end of June, I continue to bug Dave to get this rolling, and I think we are close. Wired BBQ will be scheduled Friday Evenings, and Monday Evenings for Edited/Produced content, and will be airing various Live events throughout the Summer and Fall, from BBQ competitions. Stay tuned we will bring you more information on this, as we get it!
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