Problems Viewing?

We are using the latest technology that supports both Flash, and Html 5 for IOS (Ipad, and Iphone) devices. If your having a problem viewing our Live Stream, or especially a Live Broadcast, we need to take a look at some possible causes.

First, don’t ever assume that your computer is always up to date, in fact, it is highly unusual for any computer to be 100% up to date, at any point in time.

Also, just because you are able to view on-demand video from other websites (such as YouTube), and this site, it does not mean you should be able to view a live broadcast stream.

The reason for this, is because on demand video, like YouTube Video is usually encoded at the time it’s uploaded, and the playback of the video is a combination of the web server serving the file that the web page is calling, and your web browser loading the right embedded player, and streaming it.

When your watching our Live Stream, or Live Broadcast Stream, it is being encoded at that instant, and you are watching video being broadcast directly from a Live Video/Media Server (ie: Adobe Media Server (FMLS), WOWZA, etc.), which is kept up to date with current Flash patches.

This means, that the players attempting to view this stream, must have a reasonably close version, if not the same version of Flash (as the server broadcasting it) to be capable of viewing the stream.

Adobe comes out with very frequent updates, including major version releases. It is very common to have viewing issues after Adobe releases a major version update.

To update your Flash Player click the following link:

If you see this image (where the video player should be on the Watch Now Page), that means the server doesn’t recognize an embedded flash player, and that your browser doesn’t support Html 5 video, but it does see an external player that supports RTSP Live Stream.

Just click the button that says “Launch External Player”, and it should launch an external player with the live stream.