The BBQ Central Show

  • with Greg Rempe

    Greg launched The BBQ Central Radio Network (BCRN) which airs bbq & grilling related talk shows 24/7. The BBQ Central Show also airs live on this station every Tuesday at 9pm EST. This is the first internet radio station dedicated to this kind of industry and format. Greg is a host who has access to many of the most prominent personalities in the barbecue and grilling industry. He also has an opinion on everything…and isn’t afraid to articulate it!
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Project Cook-Off - World Food Championships

  • Starting October 5th

    Every year thousands of professional chefs and amateur cooks sign-up to throw down week-in and week-out in culinary competitions that take place all across the globe. From across all walks of life, these people drop everything to prove their the best. A behind the scenes look, Project: Cookoff chronicles their struggle to live their dream as professional competition cooks.
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Whiskey Bent - In The Pit

  • with Chad Ward

    Your Whiskey Bent “In the Pit’ Radio Show host, Chad Ward, is an accomplished grill master and pit master of the award winning Whiskey Bent BBQ. Chad was one of the 16 contestants on the Food Network’s Chopped Grill Masters series that aired in the Summer of 2012 . He also teaches BBQ and grilling classes all over the country sharing his passion and skills
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  • with Bill West and Jack Waiboer

    The site was started by Carolina Pit Masters Barbecue Cooking School Founder and three time SC State BBQ Champion Jack Waiboer along with Country Radio DJ and Founder Bill West. Both hosts have a passion to help share some knowledge they have been collecting while hanging around America’s best Pit Masters. In 2010 they launched a weekly podcast called GRATETV and really started to build a tribe of fans. Says West, “The show is exactly a beer in length and is all about BBQ, recipes, learning, and a low and slow good time.”
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Cooking Everything Outdoors Show

  • with Gary House

    Cooking Outdoors is not a new phenomenon, nor will Cooking-Outdoors try to reinvent the process. Gary has been cooking outdoors for many years and enjoys trying to learn new techniques or what he likes to call “adventures”. Gary originally learned to cook outdoors by watching his Dad when he was a teenager, his dad was a spit cooker. He would marinate some meat, cut it into cubes and thread them on a spit to cook over the fire. From that moment Gary was hooked!
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BBQ Food 4 U

  • with Jason King

    The Backyard BBQ Show - Everyone should know how to cook delicious BBQ recipes at home to save money and impress your family and friends with ease. I show recipes from start to finish with detailed information that are easy to understand and all the tips and tricks you need to know. Full video instructions are posted here in the video section or on YouTube all in high quality HD videos to make everything easy to understand with simple instructions.
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Cooking With Butt Rub

  • featuring "Bad Byron" Chism

    Byron began competing in BBQ competitions accross the country traveling extensively and emerging as one of the top 10 KCBS cooks for 7 consecutive years (2000-2007) among his many honors. With the competition awards, TV exposure, product awards and internet marketing, Butt Rub has steadily became an household name. As we celebrate our 17th year in business we are tremendously thankful to our many wonderful customers, retailers and supporters - You are the best! Long Live Butt Rub!
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Backyard BBQ and Grilling

  • with Kevin Bevington was started by Kevin Bevington as a BBQ enthusiest web site in January of 2001. is also a Championship BBQ Competition Team, they have earned more than 60 Champion titles. The Backyard BBQ and Grilling Shows were released as 2 DVD's, which were released in late 2008, and still available at
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Grill Girl

  • with Robyn Lindars

    Robyn is the “Grill Girl” behind Her focus is on healthy, creative yet simple recipes for the grill. Robyn teaches quarterly “women’s grilling clinics” to teach women the fun of cooking with fire. While mainly a “hot and fast” kind-of-gal, Robyn does appreciate “low and slow” cooking and competes at the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Competition alongside her Dad. Robyn has been featured on the Cooking Channel’s Foodography, EveryDay with Rachel Ray, and is a VIP blogger for Kingsford Charcoal’s site Robyn resides in South Florida with her sailor husband and her 3 fur-children (aka dogs).
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The Smokin Guitar Player

  • with Fred Bernardo

    Owner of Fred's Music Shop and Tasty Licks BBQ Supply in Shillington, Pa. Fred is also a very talented BBQ Cook who has won many awards in competition. Freds motive is to sell, and he's not shy about it, but even when Fred sells, his ability to entertain shines through. Sit back and relax, and let Fred entertain you!
    PS... Oh and after you watch, please go to and buy something! ;-)
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BBQ Superstars

  • with Darryl Mast

    Do you love BBQ? Whether you are grilling in the back yard or smoking ribs for a competition, you're in the right place. We love BBQ, because BBQ means LOVE. Join us and we'll talk about cookers, sauces, techniques, and how to get into the competition game, if that's your thing.
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Celebrity Grill

  • with JM

    JM Host/Producer of Celebrity Grill, takes on whoever comes along,. Learn to grill better here! We cook because we have to. We GRILL because we WANT to!
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Tailgate Training Camp

  • Coming Soon

    Whether you are a fan of college football, NASCAR or the NFL, Tailgate Training Camp will keep you in a constant state of readiness by introducing you to some of the top parking lot pros, the coolest gameday gadgets on the planet, the most delicious food and drink recipes to perfect your party and the most useful tips to make your tailgate party rock. Everybody wins at a tailgate party; so keep the drinks cold and the grill hot and we'll see you in the parking lot!
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Cooking Up A Story

  • from Rebecca & Fred Gerendasy

    CUPs is an online television show about food and sustainable living. For the past six years CUPS has been producing a wide variety of original programming that explores the food system up-close and personal. From stories of family farmers, artisan food producers, and others, to interviews with leading thought leaders, authors, and sustainable farmers, cooking videos, and more— Cooking Up a Story delivers inspirational, educational videos for all who are interested in food and sustainability issues.
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Championship BBQ

  • with Dennis Stewart

    Dennis and crew followed the FBA circuit for a few years, capturing almost every moment. Join Dennis as he visits with the teams and cooks some recipes!
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