Which Salmon to Look for at the Grocery Store

by / Thursday, 16 August 2012 / Published in Blog

You already know that salmon tastes great and that its high fat content and rich flavor make it perfect for the grill. I bet you also have an abundant repertoire for cooking it up (if not, may I suggest trying this recipe for Cedar-Planked Salmon with Lemon-Dill Butter by Grill Girl?).

But I bet that you, like me, get confused when shopping for salmon. In the past few years A LOT of terminology has been added to the labels at the fish counter: farmed, wild, previously frozen, never frozen, color enhanced through feed, sustainable choice, etc. It’s hard to know what all these things really mean and, more importantly, what the best choices are both for flavor and for the health of our families.

In honor of Pacific Salmon Season (which is at its best in mid-summer but will continue into autumn with different varieties available at different times) my pal Katie and I chatted with Maureen C. Berry, a writer, blogger and seafood specialist with over 23 years in the industry. Maureen helped us sort out the labeling and told us all about about salmon season.

Watch our chat and get your salmon questions answered. Then start dunking those cedar planks because salmon season will be over before you know it!